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Who is Behind?

Nick Perry is a freelance photographer who specialises in portraiture, nature, landscape and travel photography. Since his time at art college he has been fascinated by manipulation, distortion and special effects processes. He began his career using traditional darkroom techniques and by producing multiple exposures in camera. On it's release to the public he was amongst the 1st wave of designers who started using Photoshop and digital techniques to produce artworks. Since 1995 Nick has constantly striven to push back the boundaries of photography by reinterpreting the world around him by using a wide range of methods to share this vision with his audience.

His most recent body of work, 'Beyond Vision', is a coming together of 20 years of experimentation both technically and aesthetically. He has chosen as a subject the forests and woods that he enjoys walking in every day. Nick identified that the trees and life around him was nearly impossible to capture within a static frame so began recording scenes over a longer period of time. He also had the intention to make his photographs look like paintings and this is exactly what his series resembles. When you walk through a forest birds flit across your vision, the trees blur and there is movement on even the stillest day. This body of work portrays the subject in a new and interesting way that much more closely resembles the emotion of being in nature than any static frame.

Nick has become very interested in a photographs ability to record a scene or subject over a prolonged period of time. Unlike film and moving images that record a passage of time through static individual frames, a photograph can record a passage of time in a single image. This leads us to a distorted but accurate record of a subject and is closer to the approach the Impressionists made to their paintings than it is to conventional photography.


Clients include

Countrywide advertising agency, Amazing Jeans, BBC, Attic media, Antidote, Sony music, HMV, Spirit magazine, Wax magazine, MixMag magazine, The Ivy press, Bridgewater publishing and The Research Institute of Social Change in Geneva.

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